Koops Mill Reconstructed Premises: Urban And Eco-Friendly Design At The Central London

The given project was performed by Mark Fairhurst Architects studio and consists of two commercial blocks, located on the basement level with a total square of 755 sq. meters; several residential flats; and a free-standing studio house at the very heart of London.

The project was created on the place of former tanning mill, constructed at the ХIХ-century building, which is included into the Grade II List (the list of England`s historical buildings with a special interior).

The building consists of tiered units; such construction feature helps to create picturesque terraces and brings privacy to the dwellers.

Large opened glazed windows are made of aluminum and divided into sections, reminding of the iron Victorian windows. At the same time glazed banisters, dark-red brick finishing with textured surface, as well as plaster covering and aluminum wire-mesh reinforcement add some new features to the building.

There is a penthouse at the third floor with three bedrooms and a studio. The penthouse is located under the glazed sloping roof at the northern part of the building, which goes across all the living space. This roof allows to fill the premises with plenty of daylight, as well as provides marvelous view on the Shard skyscraper.

It is interesting that residential premises have won several awards for their environmental compatibility. This building is covered with good thermal insulation cladding, whereas its windows and cladding systems provide perfect thermal and acoustic insulation.

Moreover, there are 13 parking places for bicycle (located at the residential block) and 4 places of closed type (office block).

Source bestdesignideas.com