How to use ornaments in your home

It can be both a pillow and a carpet and all wall. The task not simple, but quite fascinating to collect the correct mix from an ornament to find its correct combination. As a rule, it will occur at intuitive level therefore as rules can make the final result very boring and predictable. And the main objective of ornamental interiors is a delight, emotions, surprises, unexpected combinations, a holiday.
It is always interesting to work with large drawing at walls, especially in small rooms, but it is necessary to be attentive therefore as the large ornament can increase space, but also with the same success it to reduce.
The large ornament is always pertinent on a carpet. In the Monotonous interior it will always draw a look. If you decided to use such carpet in space where already there are ornaments, use similar color scale or motive of the main ornament.
In a room with an ornament the main thing governed, they need to be combined on style, color, motive, the size.