Decoflex - Pre finished Wood Veneers

Decoflex is a our range of high quality wood veneered panel products. Decoflex brings the natural beauty of wood into each living room and office environment. For this purpose Decoflex includes a range of products which comply with quality, innovation and structural forest management. The three veneer qualities within the Decospan range are: Architectural, Classic and Commercial. Whatever line you choose, the purpose is to create beauty by means of natural wood veneer.

Decoflex and Casaleno are available in 140 wood species. Only the high quality veneers are used to make these products. Deco – flex is available in a variety of dimensions: 2500 x 1240(W), 2750 x 1240(W), 3050 x 1240(W). Casaleno is available in same lengths and in a standard width of 510 mm. Other lengths are available on request.

Innovative Features

The first wood veneered sheet that can be used to furnish rounded and curved shapes with wood without braking. Can be used on the location itself. No need to use a press.

Manufacturing Innovations

The layons are jointed to size and glued onto a paper backing sheet. Thereafter the fibres are broken in order to achieve the characteristic flexibility of Decoflex. Following this the sheets are sanded to achieve a fine surface.

Casaleno is being produced in a pre-packed size of 2750 x 510 mm and is available in 16 standard wood species.

Ergonomic Design

140 different ‘flexible wood species’ are available with different jointing techniques and different lengths. Thanks to the glue, which is delivered with the product, the wood can be glued on any surface, concrete, glass, painted walls, and much more.


Can be used on the spot without using presses. Its speed of finishing is undoubtedly the biggest advantage. Ideal for hotel decoration, it is very light and thin, so dimensional constraints are not compromised.

Every corner of a house can be decorated with wood in order to have natural warmth. No more limits to your creativity.

Casaleno is delivered unfinished. After applying it can be treated further by your interior decorator. Oiling, waxing, lacquering, are all is possible to give Casaleno your personal touch.

No two trees are ever alike, so the same goes for any two sheets of Casaleno. Every sheet has its own grain pattern, making it a unique item. Thanks to the exclusive nature of Casaleno, interiors can have a personal, natural atmosphere.

Durability and Quality Levels

As with any product. If it is maintained, it can last a lifetime. Decoflex is available in three quality levels, Architectural, Classic and Commercial. Click here for more information on the quality levels available.


Flexible veneer is produced to decorate every corner of the room, commercial or residential, to experience the natural warmth of wood.

Commercial viability

The product has had incredible success in Europe, Asia and America. It’s applications are boundless.
Enviromental sensitivity

Wood veneer makes an optimal use of the wood being offered by nature. With a nett output of about 700 to 1000 m² of veneer per m³ of wood, there is no other natural product that is capable of offering bigger usage of a natural resource.

Working with wood in an interior is generally time-consuming, laborious and damaging to the environment. Because it is so thin (0.6 mm) Casaleno uses only a small quantity of wood. One tree can easily produce 5000 m² of Casaleno. Even the adhesive used to attach the backing to the veneer is completely formaldehyde-free.

Additional information

Because it is so flexible and thin, 0.6 mm, Casaleno is easy to hang. The surface must be solid, dry, smooth and free of dust and grease.

Porous mineral surfaces

These are liable to soak up moisture, so precautions need to be taken to prevent capillary action. The surface should if necessary be filled with a suitable product and/or rubbed down. Sanding and coating with a full-strength impregnating and insulating primer should allow the adhesive to dry.

Casaleno should be hung in a space with a normal temperature (between 17°C and 23°C) and constant relative air humidity (between 45% and 65%).

Extreme fluctuations of air humidity can cause shrinkage and/or setting.

Casaleno should be left for 24 hours before installation in the space to be decorated so that it can acclimatise.

Only use Casaleno adhesive.
After the adhesive has dried (+/- 24 hours) Casaleno should be lightly sanded with the grain. Any surplus adhesive should be scraped off and where corrections are required, fill with filling wax or filling paint in a suitable wood colour. Since the moisture in the space may increase so that the material could absorb moisture, the whole job should be completed within 2 to 3 days. Casaleno can be worked with all a tradesman's normal tools.

Air bubbles and any fitting errors must be removed with a spatula or roller before the adhesive dries. Use an angled light to check!