Curtains' ideas for living room 2016

To choose proper curtains ideas for living room, you have to consider not only the living room style, but also the living room size. If your living room is large, large pattern curtains are suitable. Apparent texture or small pattern curtains will help visually enlarge the space.  If there is high ceiling in your living room do not choose vertical stripes curtains but the horizontal stripes ones. What curtains design you will choose depends on your taste. There are many wonderful designs. They could be bright colored or with pastel color, they could have different pattern and different way  to put them on the windows.

Original visual effect can be achieved by using the most traditional curtains for narrow windows, just hung on each side of both windows. Thus, natural light in the room would be sufficient. And the symmetry will be maintained, especially if the windows are located on the both sides of the fireplace acting as focal center of the room.

Choosing Living Room Curtain

Living Room Curtain can be lighter and more transparent as microfiber, voile, silk, lace, batiste. Curtains for home theater or rooms that do not have shutter, the ideal is that they are heavier and darker to control the brightness, such as twills, crepes and velvets. There is also for these environments, the blackout of PVC, which guarantees 100% isolation of clarity. Today in the market, as exitem some fabrics mixed with PVC, giving a lighter appearance to the blinds. You also have the option of placing two curtains on separate tracks and the blackout behind and in front of a lighter fabric.

Below we choose for you modern living room curtains design, which are in different colors and with chic patterns. Look at the gallery and choose your favorite curtain design in your favorite color. Make your living room pleasant and modern decorate in the same time.

We have prepared several advises from famous designers as to the selection of curtains for a living room.

Curtains for a living room: color and ornament selection

kirklands: Just like it’s OK to wear white after Labor Days, it’s OK to play with patterns! Whether they’re striped, floral, or chevron, patterned curtains and rugs have the power to transform an everyday space - into an eclectic space! If you’re looking for your friends and family to describe your home as funky, unique, or one-of-kind, have fun mixing and matching patterns within the same color family. Here’ we combined bold geometric curtain panels with a lively paisley/floral rug, both in rich shades of brown, gold, and yellow.

Neutral curtain colors are a popular choice because they’re easier to blend into the rest of a room’s décor and are less likely to fade. But don’t be afraid to go with a pop of pattern like a quatrefoil or stripes to add some visual excitement to a room.

A gray curtain printed on the light leaves contour pattern to embellishment is beautiful indoor scenery, although the design is very simple. When we select the wallpaper and curtains, we should choose a similar color patterns to make the space have administrative levels feeling. A gray linen sofa will make people feel warm and comfortable; laying a gray carpet on the floor will make the whole space be full of quality.

How to choose Sheer and Semi-Sheer Curtains

gatilmonfortcats: Sheer curtain generally speaking in white color or pure color. Sheer curtain mostly used an overlay or under-draperies adorned with fabric curtain to have a double-layer appearance.

Because of the different material used to make sheer curtain. For winter and summer seasons, single layer is not good enough to home decor, better double-layer or adorned with fabric curtain. Usually, single sheer curtain is used for decorative achievement more than functional. The privacy protection or safer sheer curtains are those thick curtains.

Unusual idea: shower curtains for bathroom in the living room

blog.rismedia: New curtains seem like a no-brainer. Of course that’s a go-to when redecorating. But have you heard this spin on it? Rather than shelling out for fancy top-end curtains, take a walk on the wild side and outfit your windows with shower curtains! They’re cheaper, more durable (which is great if you have pets and kids!), and come in bright colors and patterns for the bold home decorator. A splash of color or pattern framing the window is sure to rejuvenate your living room.

Your ambition level can determine exactly how you go about this. If your windows are big enough, you might be able to get away with hanging your shower curtain right out of the packaging. If they’re not, you might need to call on the little seamstress in you, but this living room redesign doesn’t take much sewing skill.

As for hanging up your shower curtains, it’s your call if you want to use shower curtain hooks or just thread your curtain rod through the pre-cut holes. You might need to adjust the holes to accommodate the thickness of the rod. If you pay a little more, however, some of the fancier shower curtains have holes with wood or plastic rims rather than just being slits in the curtain fabric. These add a stylish, decorative flair to your room without any extra work.

The right way to install curtains

lovehomedesigns: If you are utilizing the services of an interior decorator or window treatment professional you can trust that they will take the appropriate measurements for you. However, if you are doing the work yourself, make sure to follow the manufacturing instructions for measurement to ensure that you purchase the right number of panels. How the curtains are installed will depend on the type of window, as well as the type of heating in your home. Typically, it is ideal to install curtains within 6-8 inches of the ceiling to create the illusion of height. As well, the curtain rod should extend well past the sides of the window to ensure that the curtains can be completely pulled back from the window. If your home has baseboard heat or radiators, you may not be able to install full-length draperies because of the fire risk. This will be something to consider if it applies to you.