UW School of Business - Paccar Hall, Seattle WA

Digital signage, static signage and an extensive donor program were designed for the new School of Business building, designed by LMN Architects. wpa developed 5 different digital devices to provide a platform for the school to easily update information. They include a directory, a display called "Foster Biz Buzz" that tweets business news-related feeds from various twitter sources, a donor wall key that locates a donor's name on the static wall and provides biographical information about each donor, and 2 scrolling devices that list donors related to the "Dean's Club" and "Distinguished Leadership". wpa collaborated with Belle & Wissell, who were responsible for the interactive design and programming.

Exterior and interior signage was designed to carefully integrate into the building. This same strategy is being applied to the new Phase 2 building currently under construction.

The donor program includes a 2-story etched glass wall that is a collage of over 500 donor names. 5 different categories of donors are distinguished by size and color but otherwise are given equal placement, implying that every donation is of value. Other donors are given recognition at specific rooms by either individual dimensional letters or plaques.